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Episode 15: A shiv for all seasons

Matt Shiverdecker, a.k.a. Shiv, ran the gamut at 97X… from boyhood superfan/long-distance listener to station intern to part-time DJ to full-timer at 97X, then, where he worked until the bitter(sweet) end in Austin, Texas. Dave and Damian talk to Matt about his journey, get his take on the online station’s untimely demise, and find out more about middle school broadcast camp and the top-secret WOXY historical archives. 

As Shiv mentions in our podcast interview, he reviews movies for the Austin American-Statesman. His most recent column is here:

You can find more of his columns here:

Matt is also on Twitter.

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  1. Lisa

    Love the podcasts – I shared to Twitter! I can’t share to Facebook because it wants me to log in and I have NO idea what that password is – and changing a Facebook password is a pain in the bubcus. Great job and it makes me miss 97X even more!!


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