100% pure Chuck

The 7/10 edition of CityBeat features a great cover story by Brian Baker about Chuck Cleaver, of Wussy and Ass Ponys fame.

Photo is by Anna Stockton, Chuck’s daughter

Chuck’s a brilliant songwriter, and a heck of a singer. (As he says in the interview, his voice is an “acquired taste” but it fits his songs so well.)

As fate would have it, I had listened to the Ass Ponys album Some Stupid with a Flare Gun the day before the interview came out. Man, what a great album! Just like all the other Ass Ponys albums. And all the Wussy albums. And I’m sure his new solo effort is fantastic as well.

The CityBeat piece is a lengthy profile that runs the gamut of Chuck’s career and captures his self-deprecating attitude so well.

“I don’t consider what I have as a career,” he says without a trace of irony. “I think it’s a passion that sort of went haywire.”

Chuck Cleaver in the CityBeat profile: https://www.citybeat.com/music/music-feature/article/21077295/widelyacclaimed-cincinnati-musician-chuck-cleaver-preps-first-solo-album-of-what-he-doesnt-believe-is-a-storied-career

The article is well-worth a read, and Ass Ponys, Wussy and now solo Chuck Cleaver are always worth a listen or three.

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