Episode 27: Rob Ervin, Radio Raconteur

Rob Ervin (also known as “Rowdy Rob” when he hosted Gridloxx) worked as a part-timer at 97X in the 90s. He also co-hosted the Chris & Rob Late Night Talk Show on WAIF-FM and later was part of the writing staff and cast of characters for the Gary Burbank Show on WLW-AM. But wait, there’s more… Rob led the local bands Monkey Biscuit and the High Strung Lifters. Oh, and he wrote for the Hamilton Journal-News, was a substitute teacher, and led historical tours in Cincinnati. Find out how Rob got his 97X gig via a lumberyard, why he once was suspended from the station and much more in this episode.

Rob did a few holiday tunes with the Chris Comer Trio at MOTR recently
When Chris and Rob got married on the air, their wedding registry was at the Norwood White Castle.

Rob and his Chris & Rob Late Night Talk Show co-host Chris Comer also did great radio at WAIF-FM. You can check out talk show segments and their interviews with all sorts of celebrities (Stan Lee, Tim Conway, etc.) and musicians (Adrian Belew, Todd Rundgren, Buck Owens, etc.) right here.

Rob and “Duke Sinatra” from the Gary Burbank Show with “Big Elvis” in Vegas.

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