How we remember 97X these days

Friend of the 97X “Rumblings from the Big Bush” podcast Daniel Cox sent along this note to

Sad but true, Daniel!

Dave and I welcome your emails at (I’ll try to check it more consistently.)

And just for kicks, how about some pissed off Bob Mould:

And some youngsters called the Ass Ponys (not Ass Ponies):

3 Replies to “How we remember 97X these days”

  1. Lisa

    How in the world did you find that Ass Ponys video???? They look so young – hahaha! Best New Year’s Eve was Ass Ponys at Sudsy Malone’s in Clifton!

    1. Rodney Bowcock

      Either Randy or Chuck found it and posted it on FB. I reshared it to the WOXY Forever FB group. It’s a great video. I’ve watched it a few times.

      1. Damian

        Thanks Rodney, I discovered it via your post on FB. It is great – thanks for sharing.


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