Episode 51: Dorsie Fyffe, the Freest of Free Spirits

Dorsie Fyffe worked at 97X from 1993 to 1998, eventually winding up as Music Director (nominated by Billboard Magazine for “Music Director of the Year”) and afternoon host. During that same era, he led the local band Johnny Smoke, and lived with Tim Taylor, lead singer of Brainiac, and Dave Doughman of Swearing at Motorists. Since then, much like Johnny Cash, he’s “been everywhere, man” – San Francisco, Seattle, Kansas City, Austin, Los Angeles. But he’s still rockin’. We chat with Dorsie about his 97X days and his new Cincinnati-via-Northern California band Beverly Hills Supper Club.  

This photo of Dorsie at 97X sums up the inimitable Dorsie vibe quite nicely:

Dorsie’s new band Beverly Hills Supper Club features Cincinnati-based members including Billy Catfish.

You can check out BHSC’s music on all the major streaming services. Here’s their artist link on Spotify and here’s their latest release:

Lydia Loveless loves Dorsie
Dorsie in Lawrence, KS circa 2013. Pants courtesy of the Herb Tarlek Collection.
Nashville Skyline (not the chili)

5 Replies to “Episode 51: Dorsie Fyffe, the Freest of Free Spirits”

  1. Randy Cheek

    I treasure my Beverly Hills 7 inch. ..

    1. Damian

      I treasure Randy Cheek and my Ass Ponys releases!

  2. LieneK

    Nice to hear your story and your voice Dorsey. So in a nutshell: Fringe guy with balls! Congrats!

  3. The last song that Dorsie played on 97Xwas the 12 inch remix of The Rolling Stones’ Miss You that he brought in.

    I only remember this because I was on the air after him.

    Great show, as usual!

    1. Damian

      Thanks for filling in the blanks, Sledge!


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