episode 59: You Gotta Have (Brett) Heartz

Brett Heartz got the 97X bug when he was in high school, a fever that was aided and abetted by his interview with Danny Crash and Mr. K for a cable-access program. Thanks to his Mr. K connection, he wound up working on-air at 97X in the late 80s (and being roommates with Phil Manning). His long career in radio came full circle 15 years later when he returned to 97X for weekend shifts before the terrestrial station signed off in 2004. We talk to Brett about Hamilton’s “Modern Rock Mafia,” limo rides to REM, backstage at Bogart’s, and random encounters with fellow 97Xers in The Big Easy.

Brett’s in the back row, 2nd from the right

Here’s Brett’s 1985 interview with Danny Crash and Mr. K when Brett was in a Broadcasting Arts class at Hamilton High School:

Brett also shared some newspaper clippings and other memorabilia from his time at 97X in the late 80s.

Those arrows seem overly ambitious… but perhaps with an aluminum foil antenna!

In case you were wondering (or maybe it was just us), the Canadian band called The Grapes of Wrath broke up in 1992, but reunited in 2010, were inducted into the Western Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2018 and still play gigs.

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