Episode 60: Hungry for more Brett Heartz

Here’s Part Deux of our chat with Brett Heartz, who bookended his long and illustrious radio career with stints at 97X in the late 80s and 2004. This episode includes the on-air banter between Brett and the late Kerry Grey when an earthquake struck the San Francisco area during a 1989 World Series game between the SF Giants and the Oakland A’s, as well as Brett’s tales of corporate radio (spoiler alert: it sucks). 

Brett talks about Kerry Grey’s car catching fire and burning in the 97X parking lot – here’s visual proof:

Looks like the 97X bumper sticker survived…
Kerry at left, Brett on the right (and on the hood)
Hot Wheels supermodels Brett & Kerry

Brett saved a couple of “six pack suggestion” letters that truly showcase the creativity of 97X listeners.

This one was like a pop-up book – you had to open the windows and doors of the house to reveal the songs:

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