Episode 62: Mark Abuzzahab, Music Skills from A to Z

Mark Abuzzahab (who just went by “Mark” on air… we can’t imagine why) was at 97X for a year and change (Jul ’98-Sept. ’99) at the dawn of the streaming era. He then served as music director at several other cool stations all over the map (Vermont, Boulder, Austin, Dallas) and still programs music and promotes cool artists today. We chat with Mark about his 97X memories, his current gigs and how he protected our ears from bad “alternative” music. 

Mark still has a going-away present that reminds him of the good time he had at 97X (see what we did there?)

After he left 97X, Mark went to a station in Burlington, Vermont, and eventually recruited fellow 97X alum Rictile to work the morning show there.

Mark now works with VuHaus, the non-profit company that provides content for the Live Sessions on NPR Music.

VuHaus (pronounced “View House”) is a non-profit, digital music video service that introduces emerging and established artists to new audiences. VuHaus aggregates live performance videos, and live stream sessions from leading “Music Discovery” public radio stations from markets across the U.S. With unique local video channels including nationally curated playlists, local market playlists, and custom playlists from artists and tastemakers, VuHaus gives fans a unique window into the country’s most vibrant music scenes.

VuHaus is a collaboration of the country’s leading public radio music stations: KCRW in Los Angeles, KEXP in Seattle, WFUV in New York, WXPN in Philly, KUTX in Austin, The Bridge in Kansas City, KXT in Dallas, opbmusic in Portland, Mountain Stage in West Virginia, KDHX in St. Louis, Live from the Fort from Vermont and WGBH Boston.

From the VuHaus Facebook page

Mark also works with Custom Channels, a company that creates custom music mixes for businesses. So you’ve probably heard his handiwork at restaurants, stores and fitness centers.

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