Episode 64: Randy the Redneck

“Randy the Redneck” – the name pretty much sums it up. He’s like a hillbilly Forrest Gump, and had the uncanny knack for showing up at pretty much every 97X event ever. Concerts at Bogart’s, B&B Riverboat Cruises, Rock & Bowls, Breakfast Club Home Invasions… somehow he even managed to attend an music industry convention with 97X program director Phil Manning. In short, if 97X was there, so was Randy.

Randy the Redneck (at right) helps a Speedo-clad Rictile cool off during a Breakfast Club Home Invasion live broadcast.

Randy first heard of (and listened to) 97X through his friend Kevin, who was also friends with 97X’s Brett Heartz. Randy started hanging out with Brett and going to shows with him, and also played in a band called The Urinal Biscuits that shared bills with bands featuring 97X employees and fans. The rest is history… and legend.

Modern day Randy… still a redneck, but an artsy one.

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