Episode 69: Jayne Sachs, Stellar Songstress

Jayne Sachs credits her discovery of 97X (thanks to her now-husband) with putting her on the singer/songwriter path. She’s been able to carve out a career in music, and has picked up plenty of accolades along the way, including winning 97Xposure in 1995 and garnering two first place wins (in different years and different categories) in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest. We talked to Jayne about her Xposure spoils, her performing career, record label interaction, and her current songwriting work in Nashville.

You can listen to Jayne’s latest songs on her songwriting website.

The Jayne Sachs Band won 97Xposure in 1995. Here’s a news story about that year’s finals, as it aired on Cincinnati’s WXIX-TV (Channel 19), with 97X’s Ali Castellini as the on-the-scene reporter and Jae Forman announcing the winning band on stage at Bogart’s:

Jayne has released several albums as a solo artist and with her band.

Here’s “I Recognize”, one of several songs from Jayne that got airplay on 97X:

Jayne Sachs – Back To You (2014) from Gary Mitchell on Vimeo.

The Jayne Sachs Band at WNKU’s Studio 89 in 2013.
Screen grab from our video interview with Jayne – her guitar is always nearby.

3 Replies to “Episode 69: Jayne Sachs, Stellar Songstress”

  1. Lisa

    What a great podcast – thanks for sharing the interview and music!

  2. You guys are incredibly easy to talk to and I enjoyed it immensely!! People should check out all of your podcast episodes. The history of 97X is truly amazing and will be forever in my heart!!!!!

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