Barb is Back!

Former 97X/ DJ Barb Abney will be back on The Current in Minneapolis St. Paul this evening!

You’d be hard pressed to find a radio host more dedicated and more engaged with listeners than Barb. She was a fast friend to anyone who tuned in, at 97X, at, at The Current, and at the other radio stations where she worked after being unceremoniously and undeservedly being let go at The Current back in 2015.

Barb spent nearly 10 years as the midday host on The Current before the rug was pulled out from under her.

The headline and content above are from this article about Barb’s radio odyssey – well worth a read.

We’re thrilled for Barb, and happy for The Current listeners – some of whom have already voiced their approval in the comments section of The Current’s announcement.

Seven years seems like a lifetime, and it’s clear from the comments that these listeners still feel such a strong connection with Barb. There’s no better testament to her dedication. And no better argument for why radio still matters.

[We interviewed Barb for our 97X podcast back in 2019 and again late last year (part 1 and part 2).]

3 Replies to “Barb is Back!”

  1. Joe "Rock the" Voet

    crazy, I knew Barb back in the Ric Tile/Kevin Couche days, maybe even when I was an intern in 96-97…
    glad she is back at the Current, my go to station now a days for a good mix and good community

    1. Damian

      Thanks for reading, Joe! Barb is a true advocate for great music and a great companion for listeners wherever and whenever she is on the airwaves.


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