Episode 81: A Day in the (1993) Life of Dave

Dave Tellmann spent nearly a decade on the air at 97X (1988-1997)… and sometimes he thinks he’s still on the air there! Dave combed through his “aircheck” cassettes from 1993 and put together some snippets of audio that give you a feel for what listening to the station was like back in the day. Come for the Eavey’s commercial, stay for the Marge Schott news story.

Dave in the luxurious production studio – for much of his time at the station, he was in charge of the produced audio elements – commercials, promos, station IDs, etc.
Not surprising that Farrah loomed large in Dave’s life. After all, he was the “Bosley” of Modern Rock.
Legends of The Fall… because Dave and Bake are Legends, and they played The Fall.
Dave and Rictile present an Elvis tapestry to legendary Reds broadcasters Joe Nuxhall and Marty Brennaman.
Jae Forman (far left) and Dave (far right) with a fan on the Lollapalooza “butt cooler”
Dave also served as Music Director for quite a while – here he is with Program Director Phil Manning
Dave and Elvis and Rictile…
Rictile and Dave also started the Ken Fan Club.

Dave would often have some fun with the DJ who was on the air before or after him during the “handoff.” Here’s the time that I acted like I was Lou Reed…

And here’s the time Jae Forman helped us tee up a contest drawing…

Dave probably should read this before our next podcast… Nah, let’s keep winging it!

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