Episode 83: Taylor Fox, keeping cool music on the air

Taylor Fox (a.k.a. “TayFo”) is a co-founder and morning host on Inhailer, a streaming/HD radio station that plays indie rock and helps promote local bands and the music scene in Cincinnati. The impetus for the station came from losing other local stations that played cool music, first 97X and WVXU’s Nightwaves, and later WNKU. Taylor tells us about how the station started, how he discovered 97X, and how the 97X message boards helped him connect with kindred spirits.

Inhailer can be streamed from their website or mobile apps (Apple App Store and Google Play), and you can also tune in over the airwaves on 90.9 HD3.

In our podcast interview, we mentioned Taylor goes to a ton of live concerts. Here’s his list for June:

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