Episode 91: Colin Miller, super-duper fan

Colin Miller listened to 97X obsessively. As in “boxes of cassette tape recordings of 97X on-air” obsessive. He might’ve been a 97Xtreme listener, but that same passion for the music and the station is something most listeners can relate to. We talk to Colin about what made the station so special, some of the shows he remembers, and the 97X events like Rock & Bowl and 97Xtrabeats on the Riverboat.

L to R: Damian, Dave, Colin Miller, Gentleman Jim Mercer, Matt Harris (in hat), Bill Douglas, Phil Manning and Phil’s wife Barb at the Royal Crescent Mob show at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY, Dec. 17, 2022

Here’s the program schedule for 97X back in the mid-90s.

Colin correctly named the opening band at the 97X 10th Year celebration… Sleep Theater. He has yet to claim his prize, a woxy.com t-shirt from John Curley of Afghan Whigs. (To be clear, Colin has yet to claim the prize because Dave has yet to mail it to Colin.)

Colin’s out there somewhere…

Fun fact: Sleep Theater members included Rob Hamrick, Chris Sherman (now better known as Freekbass), and Itaal Shur, who later co-wrote the Grammy-winning song “Smooth” for Santana/Rob Thomas.

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