I love music… and you!

Howdy! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I want you to know that you are the Porter Wagoner to my Dolly Parton, and I will always love you.

If you think I look nothing like Dolly, you haven’t seen my moobs lately.

Or maybe I’m the Ralph Wiggum to your Lisa Simpson, and you choo-choo-choose to read this rag because you feel sorry for me.

Let’s take a loving look at the shows coming to the Tri-State Area, shall we?

We covered this in our last missive, but just in case you missed it:

There’s quite a grab bag of shows (and venues) on Saturday, Feb. 11th:

  • Blackberry Smoke plays the Lawrenceburg Event Center
  • Joe’s Truck Stop, Willy Tea Taylor and Jordan Smart play Southgate’s Revival Room
  • The Judds (featuring one original member!) are at the Nutter Center in Dayton
  • The Coliseum hosts the Legendz of the Streetz Tour (in case you hadn’t guessed from the use of the “z plurals” — there will be hippin’ and/or hoppin’ at that show. Per the show description, it will be “an interchanging ensemble of some of the most Iconic names in Hip-Hop including Rick Ross, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Jadakiss, Cam’ron with Special Guest Jucee Froot”
  • Last, and most incongruously of all, Michael Bolton will be at the Hard Rock Casino. (Which might be the first time that “Michael Bolton” and “Hard Rock” have been used in the same sentence.)

On Sunday, Ben Levin plays Schwartz’s Point.

Then there’s a whole lot of nothin’ until Valentine’s Day is over.

On Thursday, The Gibson Brothers play Southgate.

Joshua Redman plays Memorial Hall on Friday.

Gigs next Saturday (2/18):

  • Ana Popovic is at Ludlow Garage
  • Dave Mason plays Memorial Hall
  • Ben Levin plays the Hilton Netherland for the first time
  • Bogart’s hosts “That Arena Rock Show”:
If they don’t play some Ratt, I’m gonna demand a refund…

If you’re more into “That Used-to-Be-Opening-Act at an Arena Rock Show,” Jackyl plays the Blue Note in Harrison.

Gaelic Storm is at the Taft on Tuesday 2/21.

That’s Fat Tuesday, by the way.

Blues-rock guitarist Eric Gales plays Ludlow Garage next Wednesday, 2/22, and if you’re up for a wild road trip, you can go to Kentucky to see Canada. (Cody Canada plays The Burl in Lexington.)

On Friday, Feb. 24th, Silversun Pickups are at Bogart’s, and Rob Fetters plays another “Fetters is Cheap!” home live stream with special guest Bob Nyswonger:

And a couple of Saturdays from now (Feb. 25th), the remaining members of Brainiac (R.I.P. Tim Taylor) will play the Woodward. (The New York Times did a nice article about the tour.)

Or you could observe the Sabbath:

Is that Ozzy or Fran Lebowitz?

They’ll be at Ludlow Garage that evening. After sundown.

Say it ain’t so, Joe Jon

Longtime This Week in Live Music favorite Jon Wurster is leaving Superchunk.

Sure, he’s still the drummer for The Mountain Goats and Bob Mould, and he’s still part of The Best Show… and he’ll still be hilarious on Twitter and Instagram.

But he’ll be missed in the ‘chunk. Oh well, as list member Mighty Joe Sampson said, “we’ll always have our Sudsy’s memories”… including the Superchunk show at that venue when an overpowering acrid smell nearly cleared out the room — and I used that as my opportunity to get closer to the stage.

Breaking news: Ticketmaster still sucks

I don’t know much about the band Lawrence, but kudos to co-lead Clyde Lawrence (great name – his sister Gracie is also in the band) for testifying before the Senate about the ridiculous monopoly that is Live Nation/Ticketbastard:

I hope the $25 towels were extra fluffy.

Summer festivals: coming soon to a venue (not so) near you

Ticket info for this Columbus festival here: https://columbus.resetconcertseries.com/

Speaking of boygenius, they recreated the iconic Nirvana Rolling Stone cover.

Nice interview feature too.

Philly + Minneapolis = Detroit?

War on Drugs and Craig Finn covering Bob Seger…

Won’t you be my Valentine?

Speaking of the ‘mats, Paul’s got more style than Styles, because he wore it first, and better:

Yes, it’s from Jon Wurster… he’s the best!

Album Covers of the Fortnight

Nothing says “love” quite like belly dancing and Jerry Wallace.

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