February made me shiver

I’m shivering with anticipation…

I’m anticipating some Heinz ketchup.

Why yes, that is a young Corey Feldman at his impish best. (And Casey Kasem with the voiceover at the end.)

Actually, my real anticipation is for new albums, including releases from Buffalo Tom and Waxahatchee. First singles are out already, and they’re delicious:

Superchunk has a tasty new tune out as well… with the less-than-uplifting title of “Everybody Dies.”

Now let’s take a look at the concerts coming our way in the not-so-merry month of February.

Shows on Friday, February 2nd:

  • The Montvales have an album release party at the Woodward Theater, with Jordan Smart and Maria Carrelli also on the bill.
  • Lung, Touchdown Jesus, The Metric Ton, and Bug Juice play Northside Tavern
  • The Outlaws play Ludlow Garage.
  • A rodent will predict the weather about as well as the Super Doppler-brandishing TV meteorologists usually do.

Yours truly will be volunteering at Winter Beerfest on Saturday, Feb. 3rd. I’ll mostly be volunteering to drink some beer.

Perhaps I’ll get so hammered that Disco Night at Annie’s will be appealing to me.

Or the L.A. Guns show at the Blue Note in Harrison.

Pure Grain plays the Rabbit Hash General Store at 2:30 on Sunday, Feb. 4th.

On Thursday, Feb. 8th, Ellis Paul plays Southgate.

On Friday, Feb. 9th, Umphrey’s McGee plays the Ovation, and The Hiders and Royal Holland are at MOTR.

Shows on Saturday, Feb. 10th:

  • Dan Bern is at Southgate
  • Manor House in Mason hosts the Cincinnati Winter Blues Experience V – band lineup is here
  • Billy Alley & the Pollies play a free show at MOTR
  • The Downtowne Listening Room is hosting a bluegrass show with My Brother’s Keeper at the Madeira Silverwood Church
  • Trippin’ Billies (Dave Matthews Band tribute) plays Ludlow Garage

On Sunday, 2/11, The Laurelys play a free show at MOTR.

Jeffrey Martin plays Southgate on Thursday, 2/15.

Friday (2/16):

  • William Elliott Whitmore will be at Southgate (his new album came out this week -it’s quite good)
  • Iswhat?! plays MOTR
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony plays the Ovation
  • The Loon in Northside hosts “The Love Hangover: an evening of lovely and lovelorn duets” – tickets here

Saturday, February 17th is a busy evening for gigs:

  • Fairmount Girls have a vinyl release show at MOTR, with Scrawl (yes, Scrawl!) opening the show
  • The Kills play Bogart’s
  • Domecrusher (featuring list member Todd Quincy on keyboards) is at the North 2nd Street Tap & Bottle in Hamilton – late-breaking news: The North 2nd Street Tap & Bottle (a.k.a. N2) is shutting down:

Seems like a cool place that supported live local music. Shame it’s closing. If you know of a backup venue for Domecrusher to play, let me know.

  • Get the led out (or in) with ZOSO: Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute at Ovation

Adrian Vanderberg plays Ludlow on Sunday, 2/18.

I have no Soul

Note from list member Lisa Collins about the January edition:

I thought you might have included an RIP for David Soul with this edition. “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby” was a hit for Hutch in the mid- late ‘70’s – maybe he can be one of your album covers next month!

I actually remember the song better than I remember Starsky & Hutch because that fantastic show was on ABC and we couldn’t pick up the signal from the Little Rock ABC affiliate at my childhood shack in Hagarville*, Arkansas.

*Not named after Sammy… or the comic strip Viking.

However, I did feature this David Soul album cover in a “This Week in Live Music” edition from long ago:

R.I.P. Hutch… here’s a posthumous hug from Huggy Bear.

Columbus loses its cool

Columbus radio station WWCD 92.9 (formerly CD101, and later CD102.5 — “Central Ohio’s Alternative”) is signing off tonight after 33 years on the air. It is (soon to be was) an independently-owned station, with live DJs, playing music (including songs from local artists) that you couldn’t hear anywhere else on the dial. Surely that sounds familiar to those who loved 97X.

“Radio done right is about more than charts and ratings – it’s about community, and it’s about people. I was always brought up on the belief that with music and radio stations, even if you own the license, you are beholden to the community that you’re in. A strong music scene is part of the ecosystem of a city that makes it vibrant.”

Randy Malloy, owner and president of WWCD 92.9, in the article linked above

Sticking a fork in Pitchfork

Noted music aficionado Anna Wintour recently gutted Pitchfork, laying off a bunch of staffers and announcing that the remaining skeleton crew will be absorbed into GQ.

Pictured above, Anna Wintour, in her Halloween costume as a member of Lucius. Pictured below: Lucius.

Read the Pitchfork eulogies/lamentations from Consequence of Sound, Deflector, and NPR’s Ann Powers.

This “small-batch music blog” doesn’t want to let you down, so lemme tout a new album I’ve really been digging. It’s the debut release from an alt-country band from Norwich, England, of all places. The band is called Brown Horse, and the album is “Reservoir.”

Album Covers of the Fortnight

It’s a happy day for Ronnie and Sandy because the record label promised them a year’s supply of hairspray.

Wait a minute, this isn’t an album… it’s a cookbook!

6 Replies to “February made me shiver”

  1. Anne and Dan Robinson

    With every paper you deliver brings me great joy.

    1. Damian

      Thanks for reading, Anne!

  2. Chuck

    Thx D2! Very informative and entertaining. PS – Don’t sleep on “Bug Juice!”

    1. Damian

      Bug Juice for the win. Thanks for reading, Chuck!

  3. Lisa C

    Sooo – after watching “Finding Your Roots”, Sammy Hagar edition, Sammy isn’t a Hagar, he’s a Belcher – what??

    Also – finally made it to Plaid Room Records – got The Smiths, XTC and a boxed set live concert for New Order. I am not allowed to go back there for a while – dangerous place for the pocketbook – haha!

    1. Damian

      So Sammy Hagar is a character on Bob’s Burgers? Who knew? Nice selections at Plain Room – thanks for shopping local!


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