Episode 22: Aaron Borns, Record Biz Whiz Kid

Aaron Borns started at 97X as a student intern (a.k.a. “co-producer”) for the Breakfast Club in 1993, then worked part-time shifts, answered the phones and worked with Julie Maxwell doing promotions. He wasn’t at the station long, but the lessons he learned there served him well during a 20-plus year career doing promotions and marketing at RCA Records. Dave and Damian talk to Aaron about his 97X days, his record label roles… and how he got a free car while he was at 97X.

Aaron is in the top row, far right, in this photo from the 1993 (or 94) Day in Eden concert featuring The Judybats and the Goo Goo Dolls.
Promo t-shirt from the 1993 Modern Rock 500

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  1. The pic is from 1993 Day In Eden, because the 1994 D.I.E. was one of the first events I worked as an intern/part timer.


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