Episode 56: Doug & Linda Balogh, the First Family of 97X

Doug and Linda Balogh bought 97.7 FM in Oxford, Ohio in July of 1981, adjusted the format to modern rock in September of 1983, and spent 23 years giving their heart and soul to a “mom and pop” radio station. 97X’s signal was tiny, but its impact was mighty, and Doug and Linda guided it every step of the way. In the first of a multi-part interview, Dave and Damian talk to Doug and Linda about why they got into the radio game in the first place, and the station’s formative early years.

Doug & Linda from the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Enquirer Magazine article published June 2, 1985

In our interview, Doug mentions the significance of a cover story about 97X in June 2, 1985 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Sunday magazine. Thanks to 97X superfan (and Episode 25 guest) Mark Griffin, you can read the entire article here — complete with 1985 ads!

World-famous cover model Danny Crash (a.k.a. Dan Reed)

Mark Griffin’s heartfelt tribute to 97X can be found on his blog. We highly recommend it.)

Unlike corporate-owned commercial stations where music is chewing gum and DJs’ on-air personalities range from vapid to outrageous, family-owned WOXY drew in people devoted to the best in new music. 

Mark Griffin in his blog post about 97X – linked above
Ad for 97X’s move from High Street in uptown Oxford to 5120 College Corner Pike.

6 Replies to “Episode 56: Doug & Linda Balogh, the First Family of 97X”

  1. Steve White

    Can’t wait to listen.

  2. Steve Baker

    It was Y-97 and the classic question was Why-97 when Doug and Linda bought it!

  3. Ron Klipfel

    WOW! So well done! Just listened to the first session. Knew bits ‘n pieces of your story, but thoroughly enjoyed some of the details of your journey. What a fabulous story. Will pass this link on to all he kids. Brant, a Miami graduate, will love this! Eager to listen to the rest of the podcast!

    1. Damian

      Thanks for listening, Ron, and for passing along.


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