Episode 66: Doug & Linda’s 97X-cellent Adventure

Yes, we’ve interviewed 97X station owners Doug and Linda Balogh before (check out Episodes 56 and 57). But they are such founts of 97X knowledge and stories that we had to go back to the well. In this episode, Doug does a 97X role call, we talk about 97Xposure, the station’s charitable endeavors, a Riverbend-adjacent party, and one of Linda’s decidedly unglamorous yet crucial behind-the-scenes role on the prize patrol.

Doug cited 97Xposure as perhaps the finest example of what made the station unique. Every year, dozens if not hundreds of local/regional bands would submit their songs, and multiple 97X staffers would evaluate them to determine a Top 20, and eventually a final four to play in a “battle of the bands” style concert, with the winner getting recording equipment and free studio time.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo

The 97X Modern Rock Cookbook featured recipes from band members, station staffers and listeners, and proceeds went to local charities.

Features “Dave’s Succulent Seven-Layer Salad”…

Doug and Linda mentioned Julie Maxwell’s tireless work to bring the Modern Rock Cookbook to life.

Julie Maxwell, always cooking up fantastic promotions.

Here’s an aerial view of the house in California, Ohio (near Riverbend) that hosted a 97X event on the day of the Elvis Costello/Crash Test Dummies concert. Crash Test Dummies showed up… but Elvis didn’t enter the building.

Read more about the house in this Cincinnati Magazine article from 2019

Linda Balogh had to truck all the prizes to the Post Office. Mr. Zip has nothing on Mrs. 97X.

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