May the Sixth be with you

Hello friend! It’s purt near May (that’s how we say it in Arkansas) which means it’s purt near time for another Cereal Killers gig… or two! But I reckon we have a few shows before then too. Let’s take a look-see.

Friday, Khruangbin and Toro y Moi are at the Sam the Butcher Music Center. You remember Sam the Butcher, don’t you? He was the one who always delivered meat to Alice the cook at the Brady Bunch house.

Nice package!

Other gigs on Friday evening:

  • Gavin DeGraw plays the Horseshoe Jack Hard Rock Casino
  • Brit Floyd is at the Taft
  • Ben Levin rocks BrewRiver
  • Sierra Ferrell plays Southgate. According to list member Dave Green (who also plays bagpipes in the 35th Indiana Pipes & Drums), Sierra likes to make her own stage costumes by modifying thrift store clothes. I think she should call this outfit “Partridge Family Bus”:
C’mon get happy…

On Saturday evening, you can get some clean laughs with Brian Regan at the Mike Brady Music Center.

Or you can head to Camp Springs Tavern to enjoy a cold beverage, served up by guest bartenders (and brothers) Chris and Nathan Dye, founders of the local brand design agency Dye Brothers (fitting name, ain’t it?).

All tips earned that night will be donated to the Karen Wellington Foundation for Women LIVING with breast cancer, so it’s a good time for a great cause. The missus and I will be there for a spell. Hope you can join us!

NRBQ plays Southgate on Sunday.

On Wednesday, The Happy Fits are at Top Cats.

Thursday, the Walter Trout Band plays Ludlow Garage.

Next Friday (5/6), the Cereal Killers play at Fries Cafe in Clifton!

Remember, the first beer is my treat.

That same evening, Leon Bridges plays the Carol Brady. Which was your favorite Carol Brady hairdo?

The only correct answer is #3.

Ben Levin plays Wiedemann’s Brewing.

Comedian/guy who sings “Toast” Heywood Banks is at the Ludlow Garage.

And Engelbert Humperdinck plays the Taft. I hear he does a cover of “The Humpty Dance,” while wearing the glasses…

Next weekend features a flurry of festivals

Here are the gig posters:

Support local artists

Music Fund Cincinnati is a new non-profit established to promote free events and provide financial assistance to local musicians.

Please consider volunteering your time and/or making a donation.

A Public Service Announcement to the people who go to shows to talk

I’d like you to STFU. Andrianne Lenker of Big Thief put it a bit more politely:

“When music is happening in a room, there’s a performer onstage playing and doing their craft, when you enter into that space, try to be mindful of what’s happening and pay attention and don’t talk,” Lenker said. Later in the message, she rephrased the same thought: “When you come into this space where music is happening, even if you’re coming just to see a specific act play, be mindful if there is somebody performing and playing, to either listen or at least be quiet so that other people can listen. Or go and put yourself elsewhere.”

Her full message can be found in this Stereogum article

I couldn’t agree more. Wanna chat? Go to the lobby… or just go home!

Gig pix

James McMurtry put on a stellar solo show at Memorial Hall. I knew he had a way with words but was impressed by his gee-tar pickin’ too!

Valley Heat is spreading…

Remember the podcast I touted last week, called Valley Heat? We have another convert – Cereal Killers frontman/Great Lakes Brewing rep Howard Cohen:

The show is so damn funny, including the music. Check it out posthaste.

Album Cover of the Week

List member Ted Gardner wants to know if this is the worst or best album ever made? What say ye? You can put your ears on it below… enter at your own risk!

Have a great week!

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  1. Jay Stowe

    The Shaggs “Philosophy of the World” is the best “worst album ever made.” It should have won awards for the haircuts alone.

    1. Damian

      Such a great story about how the album happened too. Thanks Jay!


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