The infinite sadness

Sorry to start off on a sad note… notes, actually… but ye olde music list is a man down. He was a good man too. Mark Celsor – longtime Cincinnati Recreation Commission staffer, Mt. Washington neighbor, active in the community, musician, music lover… just an all-around great dude. Heart attack. 65. I just spoke with Mark at the Waxahatchee show… of course he was there – Mark attended tons of concerts over the past 50 years. A week later, he was gone. R.I.P. M.C. You’ll be sorely missed by friends and family.

While we’re still in sadness mode, I want to remind you that May is Mental Health Awareness Month… and it’s also the month that we lost John Erhardt (Ass Ponys, Wussy) and Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit). Those factoids are related.

It’s not just about musicians, though. It’s about family, friends and neighbors. The link above has some good resources and suggestions for ways to reach out and help out.

May is also the month we lost my friend Kim Collins (sister to three folks on this list, friend to countless others) to a heart attack, at age 52. Kim was an avid music fan, and her way-too-soon passing was both the inspiration and the impetus for this list of live gigs. Go to a show… and savor it!

Friday night Cereal Killers play Fries Cafe in Clifton, from 7-11 p.m. First beer is on me, as we drink a toast to Mark, Kim, John, Scott… and to the music that touches our hearts. (Watch out for Cereal Killers lead singer Howard Cohen though… he might touch lower.)

Other notable gigs on Friday:

  • Leon Bridges plays the Jan Brady.
  • Heywood Banks is at Ludlow Garage.
  • Run to the (Western) Hills to catch Iron Maidens (female Iron Maiden tribute band) at the Blue Note in Harrison. The lead singer’s stage name is Bruce Chickinson. Not sure if they have an monster mascot named Edwina… but they probably use the same hair care products.

Speaking of great hair, there’s one more show on Friday – it’s a supermarket matinee. Local musician Chris Cusentino plays the Hyde Park Kroger (great tunes, good prices!) from 4-8 p.m.

Tune up on Aisle 7!

I’m not sure what section Chris will be in (Produce? Not Dairy because he isn’t cheesy…), but his gig will be more melodic — and just as entertaining — as the “show” at another retail location:

Chris Cusentino is playing the Hyde Park Kroger again on Saturday… from 11:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. (Is he sleeping in the stockroom?) Chris’ brother-in-law is a big Deadhead, and he always asks Chris to play “China Cat Sunflower”… which Chris refuses to play. So if you’re picking up some delicious Kroger® Sea Salt Dry Roasted Sunflower Kernels (just $1.99!) and roll past CC, ask him to play “CCS”… it’ll be a hoot!

Saturday (and some Sunday) evening shows:

  • Camp Springs Tavern hosts Jam on the Creek, with great local music (Randy Steffen, Michael Moeller, The Pour Hours), food (Little Rock Farm) and beer (Fifty West).
  • Joe’s Truck Stop has an album release party in the Southgate Lounge, while upstairs in the Revival Room it’s The Mango Furs.
  • Coney Island hosts Appalachian Festival (Sunday too!).
  • Yonder Mountain String Band headlines both evenings (Sat-Sun) of the Rivergrass music festival at the old Annie’s.
  • Testament, Exodus and Death Angel play a sold-out (and likely quite loud) show at Madison Theater.
Must be a UK fan…

On Sunday, in addition to the aforementioned festivals above, Mudhoney plays the Southgate House, and Deftones play the Cindy Brady.

Mud. Cindy Brady. They go together. But they’re separate shows.

On Tuesday:

  • AJR kicks off the Riverbend season (Good lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise…).
  • Band of Heathens and Chicago Farmer are at the Woodward.
  • Last — and least — the Mixtape Tour (i.e. New Kids on the Block, Salt ‘n Pepa, Rick Astley and En Vogue) hits the Coliseum (speaking of ancient artifacts).


  • Guitar wizard Eric Johnson plays Ludlow Garage.
  • Victor Wooten/The Wooten Brothers play Memorial Hall.
  • Lung is at MOTR.

Next Friday marks the return of the Parlor & Patio house concert series, with Ritt & Wilder Dietz playing at the home of list members Dave and Jacqui Killen, in scenic Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. Ft. Thomas is known for its “cake eaters” but at P&P, they serve pie!

The P&P show is sold out (live music + pie = high demand), but they have Jesse Terry booked for 6/16. Get yer tix now!

Other shows on Friday, May 13th:

  • Marc Cohn plays Ludlow Garage (he’ll be walkin’ in Clifton….)
  • The Ghost of Paul Revere gallops into Taft
  • Bitch, Katie Cash and Kristen Ford are in Southgate’s Revival Room
  • Night Owl and The Hiders (duo) play a free gig in the Southgate Lounge.
  • Garth Brooks opens a two-night stand at Paul Brown Stadium.

Gig radar

King Cobra is gone for good, but Timberwolf is back, baby!

Standing ovation, every ride!

And for this year’s Timberwolf Amphitheatre shows, you don’t have to purchase a ticket to the amusement park. The Avett Brothers kick off the series on Tuesday, June 28th. Full summer lineup and ticket links are here.

The Afghan Whigs just announced a hometown show at Bogart’s on Sept. 11. And Built to Spill is playing the Woodward on Monday, August 22nd.

Jesse is a friend… of democracy

Jesse Malin and Eugene Hütz (Gogol Bordello) teamed up to cover the Pogues to drum up donations for the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.

Love your mom… KISS your dad

Happy Mother’s Day to all the real mothers. And Paul Stanley had some sage advice for all of us

as he paid tribute to his dad, who passed away last April at the age of 101.

Pearls of wisdom from the guy who wrote “Love Gun”… who’d a thunk it?

Album Cover of the Week

We’re turning over an old Leif. Because the back cover can’t be any worse.

4 Replies to “The infinite sadness”

  1. Lisa

    Thanks so much for the remembrance of Kim. It gives me so much joy to know that her friends think of her in such loving ways. Carol Jean is in town for a visit and I shared your thoughts with her, and she was moved by your words and kindness. It has been four long years, but with friends like you, we get through the rough patches! Thank you from the Collins family!!

    1. Damian

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words, LC. I know losing Kim has been hard on the family – I’m glad that the impact she had on her friends provides some solace.

  2. Lisa

    PS – the Leif album cover was terrifying – please don’t find Shaun Cassidy – hahaha!

    1. Damian

      One Shaun Cassidy album cover coming up!


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