Episode 87: Chuck Cowdery, on the same frequency as 97X

Back in the mid-70’s, long before 97X came along, there was a free-form station on 97.7 FM in Oxford called WOXR.

Chuck Cowdery was part of that merry gang playing progressive rock… and whatever else they wanted to. Chuck was on the air in the early afternoons, and also served as the station’s operations manager and sold ads too. It’s clear from talking to Chuck that WOXR was on the same frequency as 97X, both literally and figuratively – and that station influenced a generation who, if they stuck around the area, were much more receptive to a modern rock format.

You can read Chuck’s post about his WOXR radio days right here on his blog. He worked alongside such luminaries as Rick Ludwin, who went on a long and storied career as an NBC programming exec (he’s the guy who fought to keep Seinfeld and Late Night with Conan O’Brien on the air) and Bob Michelson, who managed syndication for the “National Lampoon Radio Hour,” a steppingstone for most of the original cast of Saturday Night Live. (And yes, WOXR was one of the first stations to air that syndicated program.)

Chuck went from the spirit of radio to spirits – he’s been writing about whiskey and bourbon for a few decades now.

Check out Chuck’s blog here.

And here’s Conan O’Brien’s tribute to Chuck’s Miami U. and WOXR friend Rick Ludwin:

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