Episode 13: Robin Plan

Return to Planet X

There were dozens if not hundreds of DJs at 97X/woxy.com over the years. Robin Plan was easily the most unique. A free-spirited person who took freeform radio to a whole new level, every evening after midnight, Robin transported 97X listeners far, far away from the ordinary, to an entirely different universe, and a magical place called Planet X. Dave and Damian talk to Robin about how she pushed the limits throughout her radio career, and what the station meant to her. 

2 Replies to “Episode 13: Robin Plan”

  1. I was on opposite Robin on Cincinnati’s original 96 ROCK (WSKS-FM 96.5) from late 1984-late 1985. I was on 10 pm-2 am, and I used to listen to PLANET X when i drove home after my show.

    1. Damian

      I used to listen to 96 ROCK back in those days! Robin was one of a kind, and helped make 97X such a cutting-edge station.


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