Little Steven and Little Joe

My podcasting partner in crime, Dave Tellmann (we’re both guilty of caring way too much about a tiny little station that went off the air long ago) often claims that he is “The Reuben Kincaid of Modern Rock” because of how often he promotes his two musically talented sons.

But Dave’s been slacking, so I’ll have to carry the torch. Dave’s younger son Joe is a blues guitar superstar in the making. (He also plays with local band This Pine Box.) He’s attended the Pinetop Perkins Blues Camp in Clarksdale, Mississippi for many years, first as a student and more recently as a counselor. Through those connections (and his prodigious talents), he was invited to attend and perform at a blues festival in Notodden, Norway, and attend Little Steven’s Blues School.

Joe and his friend Jesse White worked with two Norwegians to write an original song, and then had a little help mixing and producing it from some dude in a bandana.

He looks a bit like that guy from The Sopranos.. Joe T is in the middle

The mixing board is from Stax Records in Memphis, and was used for sessions with Otis Redding, Booker T & the MGs and all those great Stax artists from the late 60s/early 70s.

This is so friggin’ cool on so many levels that it might actually reverse global warming. Nice work, Joe!

2 Replies to “Little Steven and Little Joe”

  1. Lisa

    So very cool!!!

  2. Jay Stowe

    Holy crap! Does Little Steven travel with the old Stax board or what? How did it get there? That is a piece of history that no one should trifle with. Not that I’d ever accuse Little Steven of “trifling” anything, but still. I am shocked and awed. Congrats Little Joe!


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