Episode 19: John “JJ” Jesser, morning newsman and nighttime rocker

 John “J.J” Jesser worked side by side with The Bakerman on the original Breakfast Club morning show in the early days of 97X… and he’s got the coffee mug and t-shirt to prove it.

JJ started out as a part-timer during his Miami University undergrad days, and did news, DJ shifts, production… and played in local bands like The Vagrants as well.

JJ on the left, his friend, roommate and bandmate Mr. K on the right

In this podcast episode, Dave and Damian talk to him about those early days, find out what he’s up to now… and discuss his “metal name” and pet poop.

These days, John works for a company that makes an app that connects patients with doctors for live online visits. He’s still rocking too, playing guitar and singing in the Cleveland band Verve Daddy.

5 Replies to “Episode 19: John “JJ” Jesser, morning newsman and nighttime rocker”

  1. Lisa

    Loved the episode, and the link to Verve Daddy’s music – keep them coming!

    1. Damian

      Thanks Lisa, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Mike Ross

    I loved listening to this podcast. I was lucky enough to be around when John and I first discovered music. Listening to Bad Company, Michael Stanley, Springsteen, and others as youths. It shaped both of our lives. I still go out with my wife to see Verve Daddy play and support my dear friend.

    1. Damian

      Thanks Mike, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. John was great to talk to and his love of music is clearly evident. You were lucky to grow up in Cleveland at a time when WMMS was truly a groundbreaking station dedicated to helping artists find an audience. I’m glad you’re still able share your love of music with John, and thanks for supporting live, local, original music!


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