People (still) have the power!

A tip of the ol’ 97Xbam cap to Dan Reed (yes, THE Dan Reed of WXPN) for sending a nice essay our way. The Medium post decries the rise of music recommendations that are increasingly made by machines instead of people. In short, algorithms ain’t got no rhythm. The piece was penned by Craig Snyder, yet another kid who was “ruined” by listening to 97X in his formative years:

Craig later worked at EMI (shh, don’t tell Johnny Rotten) and is now Director of Music Partnerships at ReverbNation. Please read the entire piece. I love Craig’s passion for the music, and how he’s encouraging all of us to rage against the machine(s):

Amen to that, Brother Craig! Taking his cue, I’ll mention yet again that the new album from Jesse Malin is fantastic, and I’m offering my Double D Money Back Guarantee™ for his show at Southgate House on Friday, November 15th. If you go to the show and aren’t completely satisfied by Mr. Malin’s music and stage presence, I’ll refund your ticket price out of my own pocket.

People still have the power. Let’s use it!

2 Replies to “People (still) have the power!”

  1. Jay Stowe

    I second that emotion. I miss DJs who know how play music, no matter what Morrissey says.

  2. Lisa

    Fantastic article!! And excellent commentary, Damian – algorithms ain’t got no rhythm – hahahahaha!


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