This Week in Live Music: November 11-17

Oh hello!

Let’s get to the gigs.

Monday, Incubus plays Taft with Le Butcherettes as the opening act. Jay Madera is at MOTR with Kaitlyn Peace & the Electric Generals.

On Tuesday, Ludlow Garage hosts Rising Appalachia, The Neighbourhood plays the Short Vine neighborhood at Bogart’s, and Ben Levin tickles the ivories at Arnold’s.

Wednesday marks the return of the band whose name sounds like an dark web site that sells cut-rate ED remedies: Bonerama!

They’re playing Riverfront Live, which used to be Annie’s. (If you’re keeping score at home, yes, that means Bonerama will be performing on Hump Day.)

That same evening, Chris Thile plays Memorial Hall, Marcia Griffiths plays Ludlow Garage, the Dallas Moore Band plays Southgate’s main room and Michael Nau is upstairs in the Revival Room.

On Thursday, The Marcus King Band is at Bogart’s, and Dylan LeBlanc and Night Moves play Southgate.

Friday, the Commonheart plays Taft’s Ballroom, The Rippingtons play Ludlow Garage, and Ambrosia is at Memorial Hall. Jesse Malin will NOT be playing Southgate, much to my dismay.

Saturday is quite busy:

  • Daniel Martin Moore plays the final Parlor & Patio house concert of 2019 at the home of list members Dave and Jacqui.
  • Gregory Alan Isakov is at Madison Theater
  • Jake Book plays Camp Springs Tavern
  • The David Bromberg Quintet is at Miami U-Hamilton
  • Melody Guy and Steff Mahan play the Downtowne Listening Room
  • Last but not least, the old Annie’s will still have a Bone… Thugs-N-Harmony

On Sunday, you can catch Hobo Johnson & the Lovemakers at Bogart’s, or see some NWF Wrestling at Bircus Brewing in Ludlow, KY.

Hot ticket alert

Shovels & Rope is playing Ludlow Garage on 4/8/20. Get tickets here.

Clarification Department

List member Rob Ervin, formerly of the Chris & Rob Late Night Talk Show on WAIF-FM, let us know that when Ben Folds stopped by their show lo those many years ago, he was playing a melodica (not a recorder as originally reported here), and it was Ben’s first interview west of the Appalachian Mountains.

Lipstick on a Pig Department

The Riverfront Coliseum has yet another corporate name. Doesn’t matter, it’s still a dump.

Heritage Bank better order 20 cases of this:

Video of the week

This clip was brought to my attention by list member Dave Tellmann… it’s smokin’ hot.

Shameless self-promotion

Speaking of Dave Tellmann, the latest episode of the 97X Rumblings from the Big Bush podcast that I co-host with Dave is live now, right here. It’s a two-parter with Kevin “Couche” Couch, who worked at 97X in the mid-90s and went on to host the National Lampoon Comedy Radio show on Sirius XM and produce the top rated morning radio show in L.A. He also had a neighbor in the apartment upstairs from his who was dead for two months before being discovered, but that’s a story for another day.

Live shot

I snagged the extra Wilco ticket from Dan “Reds above .500 in 2020!” Lewis. Birthday Boy Danny (his wife calls him a sexagenarian now… and he’s never been to see Bonerama!) had great seats about 8 rows from the stage, and it was an excellent show.

2 Replies to “This Week in Live Music: November 11-17”

  1. Ken Laube

    What happened to Jesse? Why is he giving the Tri-state the finger? PS. The Wilco show was excellent. My seats were not quite as excellent but they were still good.

  2. Jay Stowe

    I have to second your emotion regarding Wilco: it was a(nother) great show in Cincinnati. Perhaps the best one I’ve seen since about 2006-7 when they played down at Sawyer Point. Or was it better than the show with the macramé owl at the Aronoff? Yes, I think it was.

    Thanks Damian for waking me up to the hard-driving proto-blues-punk stylings of Dr. Feelgood. Jon Spencer is indebted to them. That clip (from The Geordie Scene in 1975!) is priceless not just for the raw rawk power on display but for the massive collection of shags, mullets and center-partings in the audience.


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