This Week in Not-Quite-Live Music

It’s another week of stay-at-home “family bonding”! Heaven help us all…

But you can still put your eyeballs and/or earballs on some good tunes. Here’s Rob Fetter’s gig from Friday:

Josh Ritter from last week:

Bill Janovitz’s second virtual happy hour (complete with instructions for making a Manhattan) is here:

Posted by Buffalo Tom on Saturday, March 28, 2020
Bill donated $ from the tip jar to Partners in Health, an organization fighting coronavirus in impoverished countries.

The documentary about Chuck Prophet doing a live performance of his album Temple Beautiful with an orchestra is here:

And Bob Dylan released a 17-minute tune about the JFK assassination…

The new album from Waxahatchee, Saint Cloud, is heartily endorsed by list members Rico, Bruce and yours truly. An early contender for album of the year.

New releases from Lilly Hiatt, Clem Snide and Cable Ties are also worth a spin or three.

Tanya Donnelly has a new album coming out with the Parkington Sisters as her backing band. Here’s a nice video from the Parkington Sisters:

The Broken Record podcast is one of my favorites – so far this season they’ve chatted with legends such as Bob Weir, Robbie Robertson and Booker T, as well as whippersnappers like Run The Jewels. And the 97X Rumblings from the Big Bush podcast has a new episode out too.

On a sadder note, John Prine is in critical condition.

That sucks, big time. Take care, my friends.

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