Tune in to the tunes

Before we get to the virtual tunes, let’s have a moment of silence for John Prine, Adam Schlesinger, Hal Willner and all the other talented musicians we’ve lost to COVID-19.

As if we needed any more bad news, The National’s Homecoming festival has officially been cancelled. But list member Dale Doyle (the original D2) is doing the album artwork for Matt Berninger’s solo album and says the tunes are great. So we have that to look forward to.

It’s yet another week of live music lockdown, which stinks. But it seems like more and more artists are turning to the “home concert” option to stay connected. Here are a few of note:

List members Dave and Jacqui are turning their Parlor & Patio house concert featuring Liz Longley into a virtual event next Friday (4/17). This is sad news for people who like free pie (they serve it at intermission of their house shows), but good news for those who originally couldn’t snag a seat when the show sold out in 48 hours! Here’s the Eventbrite link. Just like usual Parlor & Patio shows, all ticket proceeds go directly to the artist.

List member Doug Hill-Harriss is still trying to convert me into a Radiohead fan, so he mentioned that they are posting a classic show every Thursday on their YouTube channel. Read more here.

What did I expect from a guy with a hyphenated last name…

The Grateful Dead are streaming an old show each Friday at 8 pm EDT on YouTube. Read more on Rolling Stone.

NPR’s list of virtual gigs keeps growing. I’ll let you peruse for yourself, but the Hamilton Leithauser show tonight at 7 should be fun, and these Saturday gigs look promising:

Billboard also has a list of virtual gigs.

Shawn Colvin is playing from her house on Saturday afternoon:

Rob Fetters will be doing gig #3 Saturday at 9 pm. Here’s what list member Lisa Collins had to say about his first show: LOVED the Rob Fetters show! Wow! Such a great songwriter!

Jesse Malin will be doing his third home show this Saturday at 4 Eastern on YouTube. Both previous gigs have been killer. (Last week’s show is posted below.) Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Rolling Stone had to say in their “Best Streamed Performances of the Stay-at-Home Era” article:

For the past two Saturdays, Jesse Malin has been performing full two-hour concerts from his Manhattan apartment, each with their own theme. Dubbed “The Fine Art of Self-Distancing” (a play on the title of his 2003 debut, The Fine Art of Self-Destruction), the intimate gigs touch on songs from throughout his career, along with covers by Neil Young, Squeeze, and his old band D Generation. He also does a goofy show-and-tell routine and offers his recommendations for staying sane during quarantine: books by Alan Ginsberg and Debbie Harry, a doc on the Bad Brains, and what he calls Scorsese’s last great film, The King of Comedy. But it’s Malin’s stories — told by a guy who literally grew up in and around the New York punk scene — that are the rare gems, like one in which Joey Ramone tells off Lorne Michaels for never booking the Ramones on SNL.

And my boy Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom is doing his 4th weekly “Virtual Happy Hour” – last week’s 24-song set included covers of Hüsker Dü, Fountains of Wayne, Psychedelic Furs, Lefty Frizzell, Bill Withers and the Rolling Stones. His rehearsal version of the Fountains of Wayne tune is below.

Dan’s with the Band

“These virtual concerts are all well and good, but how about a story from list member Dan ‘Reds are gonna win it all’ Lewis?” you say…. So here’s Dan’s sordid saga about what went on backstage at a KISS concert:

My brother met the tour manager in our hometown of Lancaster Ohio (small world). He got us passes. If it wasn’t for a neighborhood buddy who I hadn’t seen in a while… back in eighth grade, if he didn’t invite me up to hear the new KISS record, I’d probably be a lawyer today. (I didn’t even like KISS but he had every Cream and Circus rock magazine …so very cool). So my brother says he’s got backstage passes for KISS. This is like 1998. I’m like, “I prefer to remember them from the Destroyer tour. But sounds like it would be fun.” Guy was great. Showed us the oxygen masks behind stage. Machines that blew the smoke out, then the machines that sucked the smoke back in!! (Because they were getting old, etc.)

There you have it, Dan Lewis’ tale of “sucking” backstage at a KISS concert.

Tributes to Prine

First Avenue Club in Minneapolis — documentary

List member Mighty Joe Sampson (as heard on the 97X podcast here) sent the link below. Cool doc celebrating 50 years of the iconic Twin Cities club. You’ll see some familiar faces mixed in the awesome archival footage

Gigs, interviews, and clips…

Shameless self-promotion

Sometime tomorrow, you’ll be able to check out a new episode of the 97X Rumblings from the Big Bush podcast featuring our interview with John Curley of the Afghan Whigs. NBD.

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  1. Doug

    What an honour to be called-out in the D-D newsletter! I’m super-excited about these Radiohead shows even if the editor-in-chief is bagging on me for my over-the-top hyphen-love. Keep going D-D, doug hill-harriss


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