Episode 45: Phil Manning – Manning the Airwaves

Phil Manning started at the very bottom of the totem pole at 97X shortly after he graduated from college in 1988. He began with a single weekend overnight shift but gradually worked his way up to program director, and had that role at 97X for nearly five years during the halcyon days of the early to mid 90s. Phil talks about how he got the gig, his interesting side jobs, his roommates, his “whopping” salary and how he became a “radio vagabond” in several major markets after departing 97X in 1994, including spending 10+ years at The End in Seattle and a stint at 91X in San Diego.

Phil at the mic at Bogart’s during the 10th Anniversary Concert (Barenaked Ladies, Royal Crescent Mob, Too Much Joy and Sleep Theater)
We’re pretty sure that’s Dave’s hand…
Phil and Dave with the B-52s “Cosmic Thing” disc… this must’ve been taken before Channel Z went on the air in Cincinnati.

2 Replies to “Episode 45: Phil Manning – Manning the Airwaves”

  1. Bob Boldt

    Great interview! I have known Phil for about 40 years and he is still my go to for music suggestions.

    1. Damian

      Thanks for listening, Bob. Phil’s music knowledge is boundless.


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