Episode 47: Tina Christina – a Radio lifer

Tina Christina was on the air at 97X for more than a decade (1991-2003) doing weekend shifts, then overnights, and eventually middays with her distinctive New York accent. She’s still in the radio biz… although she goes by a different name these days. We talk to Tina about her 97X memories, which include barking dogs, sleeping on the air, Bogart’s stage fright, and a decoration from Cake. 

Tina Christina in college at SUNY-Plattsburgh – she’s in the 2nd row, second from the right.
Tina Christina with her kids. She still enjoys birthday cake and drawings from the band Cake.
Having co-hosted morning shows on country stations in both Cincinnati and Albany, NY, Tina Christina (a.k.a. “Dana Race”) has tons of photos of herself with guys with big hats.

Here’s a 2018 slideshow in the Albany Times-Union with “20 Things You Don’t Know about Dana Race. (The fact that she worked at 97X as “Tina Christina” didn’t make the top 20…)

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