Episode 54: Terrence Burke, from Screed Zine to Master of Puppets

In the mid-80s, Terrence Burke came to Cincinnati from Boston, where he was weaned on a steady diet of Beantown’s finest alternative/indie/college rock stations. He quickly discovered 97X and was hooked. After a few years back in Boston, he returned to Cincinnati in 1993 and was so enamored with how the Cincinnati/Dayton music community had blossomed that he published a ‘zine about it called Screed. (He made several appearances on 97X’s Local Lixx during this time.) Terry also hosted a show at WAIF and worked at CD World, so he was fully immersed in the music scene. After his father passed away suddenly in 2001, Terrence decided to pursue his life’s calling of bringing joy to kids via his Wump Mucket Puppets shows. Terry’s a DIY guy to the core, and it was a real treat to catch up with him. 

Here’s Terry joining 97X DJ Dan Cromer on the Local Lixx show on January 18th, 1996 -this episode features songs from Brainiac, Throneberry, The Wolverton Brothers and Stitch.

Local Lixx on 97X, Jan. 18, 1996 with host Dan Cromer and guest Terry Burke
Terry at Screed Zine world headquarters
97X ad in Screed
Terry and Shawn Riggs, co-workers at CD World. Check out the new release board in the background.
Terry on the air at WAIF-FM. He hosted Dr. 13’s Audio Lab and also appeared on the local music show Kindred Sanction

Here’s a profile of Terrence and Wump Mucket Puppets on PBS.

Terry and his father in Oxford, OH in 1986

Find out more about Wump Mucket Puppets at their website and check out tons of videos on their YouTube channel. Here’s a link to the Wump Mucket Puppets Etsy shop.

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  1. Jim Vinch

    Aging Hipsters: Any luck in tracking down Michelle Topham for an interview? She was part of the early years which are the same ones I shared with 97X.

    In any event, keep the podcasts coming. It make the COVID lockdown much more bearable.


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