Episode 67: We dig Doug, we love Linda

Here’s Part II of our second interview with 97X station owners Doug and Linda Balogh. (It’s like a Star Wars triple trilogy… the subtitle for this one is “Episode 5: Revenge of the Good Guys.”) In this podcast, we talk about 97X’s memorable artwork, the outside-the-box thinking that went on at the station, the diversity of programming, and we find out if Doug and Linda ever thought about getting back into the radio game after selling 97X.

Artist Mike Streff created a lot of the early artwork for 97X. Here’s his original “retro” logo art:

Photo courtesy of Marty Balogh

Mike Streff’s work also showed up in 97X ads and promotional items. Here’s an ad announcing the station’s move to College Corner Pike:

Here’s his art on a holiday ad that appeared in Everybody’s News back in the day:

And here’s his cover for the 97X Modern Rock Cookbook:

97X wasn’t the only station to feature Mike Streff’s work. Back when WEBN was actually cool (it’s been so long most folks don’t remember), they would release an album of local band’s songs each year. Mike did the cover art for this one:

During our interview, Dave mentioned the record store lists that Robin James unearthed from Shiv’s artifacts. 97X staffers would call local shops in the area and find out how many albums of 97X artists were being sold during a particular week.

Here’s the weekly schedule of shows on 97X, circa mid-90s:

Many 97X listeners fondly recall listening to Dr. Demento in the station’s early years.

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