It’s Friggin’ Rocktober!

Where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday it was September. Oh wait, it was. But the time for Earth, Wind & Fire is over. (And Green Day‘s mom just woke them up.) Now it’s Rocktober, which is way cooler than the Catalina Wine Mixer.

And Rocktober is starting strong with…. (wait, are you sure… can you re-check the date… really?)… Earth, Wind & Fire. Wow, sorry that I prematurely put you out to pasture, EWF. I guess Mark Twain was right when he said “When Rocktober starts, I want to be in Cincinnati, because they always get concerts one month later.” Or maybe it was Hal Holbrook who said that… same difference.

Hal Twain

Twain also said, “Earth, Wind & Fire is my jam!” They’re playing the Icon downtown tonight – the show is sold out. But fear not, you can catch Pure Prairie League at the Ludlow Garage. Wait, that show is sold out too. Welp, maybe you can just stay home and watch the documentary about Superchunk’s 2001 tour of Japan.

Or check out the new album from Jesse Malin. It’s a bop, as the kids say.

Tomorrow Walk the Moon is playing Bogart’s… they originally booked shows for both Saturday and Sunday, but the Sunday gig is cancelled. It’s like Twain said, “when you are a one-hit wonder, there are no second acts.” Wait, maybe that was Hal Linden.

Something’s Fish-y about this case…

Also tomorrow, local Tom Petty tribute band Tom the Torpedoes will be playing Big Ash Brewing. My friend Chris Comer is in that band, playing keyboards. Benmont Tench’s shoes are mighty big ones to fill, but Chris is up to the task. I’d be there for sure if I weren’t out of town.

Btw, if you’ve yet to listen to the Broken Record podcast episode with Benmont Tench, please do so post-haste.

Local fave Ben Levin will be tickling the ivories at Wiedemann’s tomorrow night as well, with another blues wunderkind, Noah Wotherspoon, also on the bill. (You can see the full list of Ben’s gigs on his website.)

Tuesday, Roctober 5th: Modest Mouse plays the Icon with Future Islands also on the bill, and Chris Thile is at Memorial Hall.

Wednesday, Roctober 6th: The Struts amble into the PromoWest Pavilion in Newport. List member Gil Kaufman, who has seen a gazillion shows (all for free… the perks of being a big-time writer) is a big fan and says they put on a fun show.

Larkin Poe plays Bogart’s on Thursday (I’m sure you’re as tired of the Rocktober shtick as I am). Local fave Jeremy Pinnell has an album release show at Southgate next Friday.

Don Felder (a.k.a. the guy whom Glenn Frey and Don Henley railroaded… hot take) is playing the Lawrenceburg Event Center on Saturday, 10/9, and “Lynyrd Skynyrd” is playing Riverbend. I put quotes around “Lynyrd Skynyrd” because IMHO, that band came to an untimely end on October 20th, 1977.

I know I’ve been slacking on these updates. I’ll do better in the future, I promise.

Speaking of promises, I have a favor to ask of you. My friend and co-worker Michael “Rico” Carrico lost his brother to cancer a couple of years ago. His brother Kevin passed away while he was in med school working to become a pediatric oncologist… after he had beaten Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as a teenager… a cruel twist of fate which is heartbreakingly tragic on so many levels.

Before he passed, I promised him that I would do anything that I could to help fight the terrible disease that took him from us too early.  One of the initiatives that our family has taken up is to help fundraise for the National Collegiate Cancer Foundation to provide services and support to young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer.

List member Michael Carrico

My ask of you, faithful reader (even though I’ve been a less-than-faithful writer), is to contribute to the Kevin Carrico Scholarship fund, which will provide need-based financial support to young adult survivors between the ages of 18 and 35 who are pursuing higher education throughout their treatment and beyond. You can donate here. Think of all the concert tickets you didn’t purchase over the past 18 months (for example, I know for a fact that Dan “The Reds are the Walk the Moon of MLB” Lewis was planning to go to both shows at Bogart’s), and maybe divert some of that cash to an extremely worthwhile cause. Thanks so much. You rock harder than Rocktober!

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