Episode 73: Joe “Rock the” Voet, Model Citizen

Joe Voet was a mild-mannered student in a small Midwestern college town, working at the Miami U. student radio station and listening to 97X… until one day Rictile turned him into Joe “Rock the” Voet, political correspondent. That led to a Breakfast Club co-producer role, with highs (meeting The Cure) and lows (reading the news on-air without any prep).

Joe claims he was the worst Breakfast Club co-producer ever, but we beg to differ. We talk to him about his 97X memories, and learn how he’s used his IT skills to build a mini-97X. We also learn that Damian sucks at geography.

Back in his Oxford days, Joe lived downstairs from 97X-er Kevin Couche, and across the street from Shiv… and near Matt Sledge and Mark Abuzzahab. Truly a “Cradle of DJs.”

Front row L to R: Joe Voet (seated), Shivvy, Kevin Couche, Mark Abuzzahab and Rictile.
Back row: women who prefer to remain anonymous, for reasons that should be obvious considering the folks in the front row.

The resemblance to the cast of Melrose Place is uncanny:

Here’s Joe today, from his home in… some country in Europe, maybe?

Spark VanBuren… sounds like an alias to us.

Joe sent us a few photos of his 97X swag…

I have found a couple threadbare shirts, which are in my “never to be worn again” shirt archive due to the sorry state they are now in….1 more wash and I fear disintegration.

I also found the Alternative Division gas can flask, which is by far my favorite flask.  I believe it was some sort of call in prize, but I cannot remember…I only know that it came from 97X.

Thanks for adding “fuel” to our 97X memories, Joe!

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