Episode 76: Jeff Rohrs back for more

Here’s Part 2 of our interview with Jeff Rohrs, who worked weekends and vacation fill-in shifts at 97X from 1987-1991. In this part of our chat, he talks about the community of music lovers at 97X, the great program directors during his tenure, his scary sighting on the Party Patio, his side hustles (DJ… and grocery bagger), and “Balogh University.” 

Jeff mentions former 97X program director Kerry Gray, and former DJ Ken “Mr. K” Glidewell.

Kerry Gray on the right, with Brett Heartz, by Kerry’s burnt car.
Mr. K on the right, with former morning show co-host and PD J.J. (John Jesser) on the left

Sadly, both Kerry and Mr. K have passed away.

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