Spring Awakening

Spring has officially arrived… meaning we should only have four more snow days before May. But the gigs are popping up like crocuses. (Sorry, no gigs from Krokus though. Guess you’ll have to settle for their “Live at Wacken” album.)

Krokus fans and Wacken – they go together

Graham Nash rambles into Memorial Hall on Tuesday for “An Intimate Evening of Songs and Stories.” Graham’s 80 now, so I don’t know how “intimate” we want to get with him… that’s a hard pass even for Joni Mitchell.

“I’m not wearing any pants!
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Meanwhile Thao (of Thao and the Get Down Stay Down fame) plays the Woodward with her band (which may or may not be the Get Down Stay Down…). Becca Mancari and Why Bonnie open the show.

Urkel will not stay down

On Wednesday, David Ramirez plays Ludlow Garage, with TWILM favorite Caroline Spence as the opener.

Thursday’s gigs:

  • Dark Star Orchestra plays Ovation
  • The Other Favorites are at Southgate
  • Ben Levin is at Shire’s Garden
  • The Red Hot Chili PIPERS play Ludlow (so no Flea… also no fly, because they wear kilts)

Freekbass and the Bump Assembly hit Ludlow on Friday for FunKISSdelic – a Funkadelic/KISS mash-up.

Oops, wrong KISS mash-up.

That same evening, the equally funky Combo Chimbita plays Northside Tavern.

On Saturday, Todd Snider plays Madison Theater, and É™koostik hookah is playing the old Annie’s. That’s an indoor show – the better to smell the Hookah.

Sunday is the perfect day for Holy F*ck to play Madison Live. More for the “Holy” part than the… well, you know.


Faithful readers of This Week in Live Music (all three of you) already know how much I despise Ticketmaster. John Oliver just add more heat to my already-boiling blood:

Listen to this!

Here’s a nice half-hour interview with Michael Stipe on World Cafe:

Watch this!

Sly Stone in a halter top… with a super-tight band… and, at the seven-minute mark, a dancer who is a dead ringer for Roger from What’s Happening!!? Yes please!

Album Cover of the Week

I can certainly understand why Elvis shot his TV set when this guy was on…

Parting shot

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  1. Lisa

    I had to share the Ticketmaster clip – they are the evil empire! Crazy and has gone on for decades! Loved the Sly and Family Stone video – hahaha!


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