Episode 666: Nixon Now! Nixon Forever!

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Friends, we’re gathered together today for a very special episode of “97X Rumblings from the Big Bush” as we pay tribute to the man who saw Jesus at McDonald’s at midnight. The man who impregnated Debbie Gibson. The man whose antipathy for Don Henley knows no bounds, and whose love for Martha Quinn is eternal. The man, the myth, the Mojo-est MoFo of them all. The Bo-Day-Shus Mr. Mojo Nixon!

(Photo above is from Mojo’s last performance, on the Outlaw Country Cruise.)

Dave “The Dick Cavett of Modern Rock” interviewed Mojo in 1990, and that interview clip is part of this episode – and stick around for his live in-studio performance of “I’m in love with Oprah” from 97X back in 1986.

Here’s a recent photo of Mojo with Dave… Mojo’s wearing the same shirt in this photo that he was wearing during his final performance!

Every performance was entertaining. You’d never know he was a double-major (political science and history) graduate of Miami University…

And every Mojo encounter was memorable… here’s 97X super-listener Dave Lenehan’s tales:

Mojo went out in his trademark, inimitable style.

Here’s another song Mojo did in the 97X studios in 1986, with Mr. K.

A Mojo promo liner from the station:

Vinyl album from the 97X studio:

In recent years, many of us have enjoyed listening to Mojo on Outlaw Country. Here’s their blog post interview with him from 2017.

A Mojo documentary came out last year.

Rest in peace, Mojo… you’ll always be on our Wall of Fame.

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