Episode 17: Dan reed tells more tales

In the second part of our chat with Dan Reed (a.k.a. “Danny Crash”), he tells more hilarious stories from the early 97X years, including tales about his band Chem-Dyne, his friends Mr. K and Greg Dulli, working at Bogart’s, and learning life lessons (sometimes the hard way) from 97X owners Doug and Linda.

Dan talks about his Hamilton friend/fellow bandmate/fellow DJ Ken “Mr K” Glidewell, who died in 2008 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Dave and I both got to know Mr. K from working with him, and he truly was one of a kind.

Here’s a video of Big In Iowa, a local band featuring Mr. K and Bob Burns, who later gained fame via his always-entertaining “Blogger Bog” Instagram account for the TSA. Sadly, Bob also passed away suddenly last October.

Dan Reed also co-hosted a podcast called the Dan & Dan Music Podcast, you can check out the episodes here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dan-and-dan-music-podcast/id976960749

That Dan, he’s a nutty, kooky kinda cat, and we love him.

Hamilton meets Akron
“Call me” – with Blondie’s Chris Stein

6 Replies to “Episode 17: Dan reed tells more tales”

  1. I played with Chem Dyne the last year they were together. I have a tape recording of our last gig at the Jockey Club in the fall of 1986. Before he died, Mr. K called me while I was living in Miami and asked me if I would play in a Chem Dyne reunion that he was planning. He died in a motorcycle accident not long after that. RIP Ken.

    1. Damian

      Thanks for listening, Victor! I’d love to hear that tape…

    2. Flash Minor

      Victor, I would love to have a copy of that tape. I played with Ken Glidewell in high school and practiced with Chem Dynes and Dan Andrews before I bailed for California. Mr K and I were very close. Get me at

  2. Rick Hardin

    Go get ‘em buddy! Great to see that you are doing well!

    Rick Hardin

  3. Richard "Flash" Minor

    My favorite song I cover “Black Concert T-Shirt!”
    Because it’s BLACK! It’s from a concert! -Flash Minor

    1. Damian

      That song is a timeless classic. Dan Reed is an American treasure.


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