From Bad to Worse

News broke today that John Erhardt of Wussy (and formerly Ass Ponys) passed away Monday. His longtime friend and bandmate Chuck Cleaver wrote a very loving tribute to him on Wussy’s Facebook page.

John gave us a beauty that we’ll never see again. A combination of love, friendship, stability and that amazing swirling sound. Truly a wonder. A backdrop to everything that we are, in the band and in life.

“Amazing swirling sound” is a great description of what John brought to Ass Ponys and Wussy.

To say we’ll miss him is an understatement. It’s not gonna be the same from here on out nor should it. Death’s like that. We’ll continue to keep making up stuff, play it to the best of our abilities and make more records. There will be a hole and we’ll likely leave it that way. You can’t replace some things.

Well put, Chuck. R.I.P. John.

John Erhardt at far right, with Randy Cheek, Chuck Cleaver and Dave Morrison in the Ass Ponys

3 Replies to “From Bad to Worse”

  1. Phil Roberto

    A very lovely man. Present, mindful, caring. A supportive person to be around. Hearts will ache.

  2. Lisa

    So very sad to read this!


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