Episode 37: Ali Castellini, from Punk Rock to Professor

Ali Castellini got her 97X gig by accident, when a fellow Miami student phoned her early one Friday morning and asked her to do the weather forecast on the Breakfast Club. She wound up spending a few years on the air at 97X in the early-to-mid 90s before moving on to a station in Virginia Beach, VA, then hosting the nationally syndicated radio show “Today’s Women” and later working as an on-air host and producer for WXPN/World Cafe in Philly. Now she’s “corrupting minds” (her words) as a communications professor at Temple University. We chat with Ali about all the lessons she learned during her radio days… as well as Matchbox cars, Dick Clark and Lenny Kravitz.

Professor Ali, or “Prof C” as her students call her.

Back in the day, 97X staffers had Matchbox cars as their “in/out” indicators (upside down = out of the office). Ali still has hers, on a shelf in her office.

Ali said: I still turn it upside down from time to time when I leave! #97XhabitsDieHard

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