Episode 42: Matt Soden, Your Little Green Amigo

Matt Soden moved to Oxford on Memorial Day weekend in 1990 and immediately got hooked by 97X’s annual Modern Rock 500. He parlayed his college radio experience into a DJ gig at the station for a year and a half, first doing weekend shifts, then overnights, and eventually evenings. We chat with Matt about crazy callers, drunken door knockers, Kermit the Frog inpersonations, and his massive salary… but can’t figure out how he snuck past Department of Defense screeners.

Before he worked at 97X, Matt had a gig at a Chess King clothing store. He probably can still get you a deal on parachute pants.

Matt has enjoyed reconnecting with his 97X past via the Rumblings from the Big Bush podcast, as well as the WOXY Forever Facebook group.

2 Replies to “Episode 42: Matt Soden, Your Little Green Amigo”

  1. Billy D

    What a treat to hear Matt! How awesome would it be for someone to dig up audio of that “Little Green Amigo” PSA?

    1. Damian

      We were hoping you had that PSA Billy D… you seem to have a treasure trove of audio from the 97X days. Thanks for listening!


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