Episode 61: Steve Roemer, co-producer to the (non) Stars

Steve Roemer (affectionately known “Roemie da Homie”) served three tours of duty as a Breakfast Club co-producer in 1993, commuting to the station on a balky bicycle. He also started a heavy metal sport at Miami U., was the 90s version of “Schneider” from One Day at a Time… and even though he’s a lifetime non-smoker, his two favorite stories from his 97X days involve generic cigarettes.

Steve shares his radio memories and also talks about PawsForPatrick, the charity that his family started to the memory of his son Patrick, who passed away last May.   

Breakfast club co-producers Joe Sampson and Steve Roemer also worked at Miami University’s student-run radio station, WMSR.
Former Breakfast Club co-producers Jessica Vahey, Steve Roemer and Joe Sampson.
Steve worked as a student manager of an apartment complex in Oxford, Ohio… just like his role model, Schneider.
Day in Eden: Steve is top row, center… before he got up close and personal with a Goo Goo Doll

Paws for Patrick is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting young people to emotional support animals to aid them as they live with mental health illness.

Our vision is to facilitate the acquisition of emotional support animals (ESA) for young people coping with mental health issues, by providing and sourcing the animals, as well as training and educating, and securing letters of certification for ESAs. 

In addition, we provide opportunities for young people to interact with therapy dogs in group settings.

Learn more about this great charity at the Paws for Patrick website.

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