Who’s on first?

Happy Friday the 13th!


  • Ritt & Wilder Dietz play a sold-out gig at Parlor & Patio
  • Marc Cohn plays Ludlow Garage
  • The Ghost of Paul Revere is at Taft
  • BitchKatie Cash and Kristen Ford are in Southgate’s Revival Room
  • Night Owl and The Hiders (duo) play a free gig in the Southgate Lounge.
  • Chris Gaines Garth Brooks opens a two-night stand at Paul Brown Stadium.

On Saturday:

The Cereal Killers, fresh off their fantastic gig at Fries Cafe, have a matinee slot (3-5 p.m.) at MadTree Brewing’s “One Good Party”:

First beer’s still on me!

Look for me at the CK gig, I’ll be the guy up front in the open front shirt:

Made you look… twice… and again!

On Saturday evening:

  • Ben Levin’s Blues Revue is at 20th Century Theater
  • Houndmouth plays the Madison Theater
  • Oliver Wood (of the Wood Brothers) will be in the Taft Ballroom
  • Willy Tea Taylor and Jeffery Martin play Southgate
  • Garth Brooks plays another evening at PBS
  • After your kids ride the carousel at Smale, take them over to the Mike Brady center for a family-friendly lineup of Danzig, Cradle of Filth, Crobot and Necrofier

On Sunday, The Who returns to Cincinnati for the first time since their ill-fated 1979 concert at the Coliseum. Pete Townshend talks about that heart-crushing tragedy in this clip from his Audible “Words + Music” release. (Read more here.)

It was a very sad situation – sending good vibes to anyone adversely affected by that event.

Shifting gears: of course any mention of The Who brings to mind the famous comedy bit from Harry “Derek Smalls” Shearer and David “Squiggy” Landers.

Also on Sunday, the Rumjacks (kinda like an Aussie version of The Pogues) play Southgate.

Foy Vance plays Memorial Hall on Tuesday. Hearing the name “Foy” brings to mind the old Foy-Johnson Paint Co. in Cincinnati, and their “It’s a joy to paint with Foy” tagline. (I can’t remember my wife’s birthday but I remember taglines from defunct paint companies. Welcome to my twisted brain!)

It’s a joy to paint with Bob too!

Something old, something new…

Thursday has a primo gig for the kiddos, and a sop for the silver-haired set: Haim plays the Jan Brady, with Faye Webster as the opener… and Janis Ian plays Memorial Hall with Tom Rush opening the show. (Janis Ian is no longer “At Seventeen” and Tom Rush is no relation to Rush or Big Time Rush.)

Welcome to the (time) machine

To paraphrase Mark Twain, “When the end of the world comes I want to be at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, because their lineup is always 30 years behind the times.”

Mark Twain… he licked his fingers a lot.

Want proof? Tears for Fears and Garbage are playing there next Friday. But at least both of those bands are still making new music, which is more than you can say for 85% of the Riverbend lineup every year.

2022 may be the Year of the Tiger (Who Dey!) but next Friday is the Year of the Cat as Al Stewart plays Ludlow Garage.

Thoroughly modern artist Will Kimbrough plays Southgate that evening too. And the two-day Big River Get Down kicks off at RiversEDGE in Hamilton, featuring hometown hero David Shaw.

Tickets on sale

Wilco plays the Ovation on August 16th. Tickets are on sale today. Wilco’s new album is a country music set… call me old-fashioned but I liked Wilco’s country music better when it was called “Uncle Tupelo.”

Other upcoming shows with tix on sale today:

Letters to the Editor

List member Rob Ervin sent along this note about a month ago when we referenced the Uproxx article ranking all the Red Hot Chili Peppers albums.

More deserved RHCP snark. Kinda long, but this guy is funny and makes a lot of good points. For a band as boring and blah as the Peppers are, I’ve spent way too much time considering their mediocrity lately.

And Lisa Collins had this to say about last week’s Album Cover of the Week:

the Leif album cover was terrifying – please don’t find Shaun Cassidy – hahaha!

Album Cover of the Week

Sorry Lisa, but I’m a sucker for personalized white bell-bottom overalls…

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  1. Lisa

    I did NOT mean finding the Shaun Cassidy album cover as a challenge – haha! Nightmare flashback of my 13 year old self at that concert – he wore a white satin zip up jacket and MATCHING PANTS! Jumped through a paper hoop – like high school football teams do today – Da Do Run Run! My eyes! My ears! Oh lord!


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