Back to the Future

Perhaps you’ve heard that the 97X Modern Rock 500 is making a comeback?

More than 30 former on-air folks (Steve Baker, Julie Maxwell, Dan Reed, Rictile, Barb, Shiv, et al.) will be counting down the top tunes of the 97X/ era on Inhailer Radio May 22-29. Press release is here, Mike Taylor’s interview with WVXU is here, and Dave Tellmann and I also talk about it during our Rumblings from the Big Bush podcast episode with the folks who were at the station when it signed off the airwaves in 2004.

It’s pretty exciting stuff if I do say so myself… granted, I’m not exactly an impartial observer.

Let’s observe the bands who are coming to town over the next couple of weeks, shall we?

Tonight, Southgate has Rock’n Revival for the Cure, with a slew of local bands:

And Ark Band plays Ludlow Garage.

On Sunday, Ben Levin plays Schwartz’s Point, and Ludlow hosts Nektar… no relation to keytar.

On Wednesday, The Dollyrots play Southgate, with The Von Tramps at the opener, and Altan fiddles around at Ludlow Garage.

Thursday evening, Billy Strings kicks off a sold-out three-night run at the Greg Brady.

Greg Brady loved Strings!

That same evening, Kenny Wayne Shepherd will at the Taft, doing a 25th anniversary tour of his Trouble Is… album.

Friday, Billy Strings has a second helping of the Peter Brady.

Don’t Bogart your Billy Strings tickets.

That same day, Ben Levin plays happy hour at Element Eatery, The Huntertones and Doc Robinson play Woodward, and Vanessa Carlton is at Ludlow. Oh, and ’tis St. Paddy’s Day, too.

Next Saturday, Bogart’s hosts Rumours: A Fleetwood Mac tribute. And Billy Strings plays Night 3 at the Marsha Marsha Marsha Brady.

Marsha Brady thinks Billy Strings is hotter than Alice’s pot roast

And NRBQ rocks the Ludlow Garage.

Southgate House has an embarrassment of riches on Tuesday, March 21st:

  • The Casey Campbell Band and El Dorado play the main room
  • Adam Weiner (of Low Cut Connie) plays the Revival Room upstairs

On Wednesday, March 22nd, The Quebe Sisters are at Southgate, and Dead Letter Office (yes, an R.E.M. tribute band), plays Ludlow Garage.

On Thursday, 3/23:

  • Beth Harris and Freedom Nicole Moore play a freebie at the Listing Loon in Northside
  • Leo Sayer plays Ludlow Garage
  • Blake Shelton plays the Coliseum

On Friday, 3/24:

  • Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, Slippery Creek and Mike Oberst are at Southgate
  • Them Dirty Roses and The Josephines play the old Annie’s
  • Aronoff Center has The Blues is Alright tour:
Pokey Bear, second cousin of streetwise informant Huggy Bear on Starsky & Hutch

On Saturday, March 25th:

  • They Might Be Giants play a sold-out gig at Madison Theater.
  • Florence Dore plays Southgate (her backing band includes Will Rigby and Gene Holder of the dBs, and Son Volt’s Mark Spencer)
  • Aronoff has The Simon & Garfunkel Story (per the press release: “The show features huge projection photos, original film footage, and a full live band performing all of Simon & Garfunkels’s hits, including “Mrs. Robinson,” “Cecilia,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Homeward Bound,” and many more.” In other words, since Paul and Artie will never share a stage again, holograms will have to suffice.)

And if the fates cooperate and the stars align, your humble scribe will be in NYC that evening for this show:

The Fine Art of Self-Destruction is one of my all-time favorite albums.

On Sunday, 3/26, New Edition (which really should be called Old Edition at this point) will be at the Coliseum, with Keith Sweat, Guy and Tank. Note: “Guy” is a band and “Tank” is another band… in case you were expecting this:

Instant Karma

In our last missive, we mentioned that Dan “Reds: 2027 World Series Champs” Lewis loves Debbie Gibson… right after we listed some incorrect tickets-on-sale info. So who do you think pointed out our error almost immediately?

I’ll refrain from pointing out that we listed TTB, not DTB…

Dan is a superfan of both Dwight and The Mavericks, so the PNC gig is a dream date for him. (So is Debbie Gibson, btw.)

Like father, like son

Dan’s son Cullen also is a music superfan, and in a recent edition of his Substack newsletter he linked to this really cool “Music Map” site where you can type in the name of a band you like and it’ll suggest other bands you may enjoy.

Your own personal hit factory

HT to list member Todd Butler for the link.

Album Cover of the Week

This album came out yesterday. If your band’s name is “The Atomic Bitchwax” you are contractually obligated to play the Freak Valley Fest. It’s a combination as classic as peanut butter and jelly…. or Dan Lewis and Debbie Gibson.

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  1. Dan Lewis

    Your not right….have fun in nyc. That show looks like some fun!

    1. Juan Epstein.

      Dan I totally agree

  2. Lisa

    Dammit, Damian – I can’t quit playing with that Music Map link!!! I am blaming you for this – haha! Sooooo looking forward to the 97X event and have seen it posted on Facebook already! Go X!!


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