Episode 96: Author Robin James at the Mercantile Library

On May 11th, author Robin James discussed her new book The Future of Rock & Roll: 97X and the Fight for True Independence at The Mercantile Library, with your friendly neighborhood podcast hosts Dave and Damian. The event was streamed via Crowdcast, but due to the dreaded technical difficulties, the first 10 minutes of the discussion have been lost to the ether. However, we reconnected with Amy Hunter from the Mercantile Library staff so she could reprise her intro and then this episode picks up the discussion when the audio came onto the Crowdcast feed.

The event was co-sponsored by Downbound Books and Shake It Records. Approximately 200 folks were in attendance, many sporting their vintage 97X and band t-shirts:

Amy B. Hunter gave the intro. Learn more about The Mercantile Library here.

Dave – the James Lipton of modern rock.

Many 97X staffers and loyal listeners were in attendance. L to R above: Gentleman Jim Mercer, Dave, Robin James, Damian, Matt Harris.

Bill “Billy D” Douglas and his lovely bride serve as book models. (If you’d like to order a copy or three of Robin’s book, you can do so here through Downbound Books.)

Howard Cohen from Great Lakes Brewing supplied the adult beverages. (Howard also is lead singer of the local band Cereal Killers.)

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